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5 Treatments I have myself and why, by Emma Kelliher, Founder of EK Clinic®

SPF and Skincare

I know, these aren’t exactly aesthetic treatments, but I am all about preventive ageing! Skincare including SPF underpins a positive ageing process.  

I’ve worked in medical aesthetics for over 14 years and how I approach anti-ageing and beautification has completely changed since I started in the industry. At 28 I discovered the power of SPF and it became my best friend. Before then, despite being a qualified nurse in the ICU (acute surgical) I had no idea how I should be looking after my skin or what my skincare regime should be.

We are big fans of medical-grade skincare at EK Clinic®. As aesthetic nurses and doctors, we can prescribe a bespoke medical-grade skincare regime to suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. We have skin cleansers, targeted serums, exfoliants, masks, and sunscreens. We stock AlumierMD, Obagi, and Heliocare at our Brackley and Witney Clinics. 

If you haven’t already had your complimentary Skin Analysis with our clever little machine, then please book in soon. The information we will give you can make a positive impact on the future of your skin health. We can create a tailor-made skincare regime that packs a punch, and you will see real results.


Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (also known as Botox)

Confession, I have Botox 2 or 3 times a year to buff out my fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment temporarily blocks the nerve signal to the muscle to stop the muscle contracting. Remember EK Clinic® we are passionate about giving you natural and subtle results. I feel exactly the same about my own Botox treatments. 

People often ask me what the difference is between Botox and anti-wrinkle injections. There’s no difference. Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin which is one of the many brands for prescription medication. It’s injected into specific areas to relax the muscles.

If you are new to anti-wrinkle treatments, then Baby Botox (preventative Botox) is something we can discuss with you at EK Clinic®. This is where we use much smaller amounts of Botox into the dermis to improve things just a little bit. We create a subtle and super natural result. The aim in this case is to eliminate the wrinkles of the forehead but still leave some facial movement and allow expression. Where a smaller amount is injected into the forehead you are left with a much less “frozen” look.

So, if you are looking for preventative action and want to address those early signs of ageing then Baby Botox could be for you. 

Don’t worry though if you do feel your lines are already there, we have a Botox treatment plan for you too. We can still achieve amazing results.

Please come in and talk to one of our team about tailoring your plan. At EK Clinic® we appreciate everyone’s face and skin journey is different. If you currently have Botox we will still take the time to review your desired results and changing skin needs. Even I have a Botox review before one of my team performs my treatment.

Another question clients have is, ‘how long will my Botox last?’ this is really difficult to answer in writing. But we have a diagram in the Clinic to help explain, so come in for a consultation and we will give you some guidance on what Botox can do for you.

It’s not just about smoothing frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Yes, these are the most commonly treated (and talked about) areas. But more specialist treatments – advanced Botox - include gummy smiles and jawline slimming, and the Nefertiti neck lift. Advanced Botox is really one of our specialties so please come and see us to find out more.


Dermal Fillers 

I didn’t dip my toe in the dermal filler water until I was 39 but I am absolutely passionate about this treatment now. They lift, define, sculpt, and contour the face. This includes lip fillers and cheek fillers. But for me less is more, it’s about a subtle result to reverse the signs of ageing.

Dermal Fillers were something I was super keen to avoid as in the past I’ve been surrounded by poor results, with overfilled lips or where the procedure is just done wrong. However, the dermal fillers industry has changed and evolved, and I feel we have cracked it. 

Dermal Filler is an injection that adds volume to the skin by retaining water where it is injected. Dermal Filler comes as an injectable gel that is delivered beneath the surface of the skin to plump it out. The substance we inject is based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally within the skin to retain water and add volume. As we age, we lose this a bit – but don’t worry – we can restore this using Dermal Filler injections.

We can treat many areas and concerns with Dermal Fillers. Areas include lip, cheek, chin, jaw, tear trough, hollows, and dark circles under the eyes.

Dermal Fillers can replenish lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, create an anti-ageing lift, and improve facial features.

Rejuvenated, restorative and natural results are possible but only with the correct expert injector who knows how to deliver this. It is important the expert injector uses only premium products and has invested heavily in their training. We invest in our aesthetics training here at EK Clinic® so you can rest assured we have that expertise, and we won’t be overfilling! 

We have partnered with Allergan and all of our team are under their care with a bespoke training programme, meaning we are super advanced and experts when it comes to the delivery of natural results.


Skin Peels 

I like to think of a skin peel as skincare with a fast-forward button. The results of a skin peel can be seen much quicker than by making changes in your skincare routine. At times you might need a course of peels spaced out with 4 weeks between each treatment, but our expert aesthetic nurses and doctors will help guide you with your bespoke treatment plan.

Skin peels work by exfoliating the dull layer of dead skin on the surface to reveal healthier, fresher brighter skin. I always feel like I am my complexion and tone just look and feel smoother and better. 

You may have heard skin peels described as chemical peels or acids. But don’t worry these aren’t as scary as they sound. With a skin peel here at EK Clinic®, there is minimal downtime and no time off work required, but the treatment will still deliver exceptional results.

Skin peels vary in grade and depth. Regular peels can contribute to anti-ageing and an increase in collagen and elastin. At EK Clinic® we only use trusted brands such as AlumierMD and Obagi. Get in touch to discuss how skin peels can improve your skin health.

Bespoke treatment plans are also suitable for skin conditions such as acne, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation amongst many other skin conditions.



What can I say? What’s not to love? Profhilo® is hugely preventative for keeping that collagen and elastin motivated. That Profhilo® glow, if you know you know, it just can’t be recreated in any other non-surgical treatment. 

Profhilo® is an injectable Hyaluronic acid that spreads throughout the skin causing stimulation of your own natural collagen and elastin. We use it on patients that feel their skin is losing that elasticity and firmness with age. 

The thing I love about Profhilo® is there is an immediately noticeable improvement in skin tone, hydration as well as firmness, and lines are minimised. Patients, including me, see an improvement in skin quality. 

Profhilo® differs from the usual fillers in a number of ways, its structure allows it to flow over an extended area to boost hydration and smooth or ‘remodel’ the skin.

Treatment areas include the face, neck, hands, and inner arms. You can also treat the decollate, arms, knees – any part of your body where the skin is showing those visible signs of ageing.

Profhilo® is something you commit to but I feel it’s one of those treatments that makes a real difference. With your initial course, we recommended 2-3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Then to maintain the beautiful results we normally advise 1 treatment every 6-9 months.

Book a complimentary consultation to talk about getting your Profhilo® glow!

So me at 28? Youthful but not helping myself on my quest to age positively. Fast forward 14 years and SPF is now my best friend, Botox is a bit of a staple and dermal filler is something I am still fairly new to. And it’s all about the Profhilo® glow right now. But that’s the thing about aesthetics, your skincare regime, and your treatment plan, it all evolves.

So Botox, a drop of Profhilo®, regular cosmeceutical skincare and peels, and I think my 30s have been a success and I’ve entered my 40s looking restored and natural.

One of the top non-surgical treatments for me, which has been life-changing, is laser hair removal but that deserves a blog of its own! 


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