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Wrinkle Relaxer

Anti-wrinkle injections are often referred to as Botox after the liquid that is injected, Botulinum Toxin. We use Botox to temporarily block the nerve signal to stop the muscle contraction.

On the upper face we treat frown lines, forehead lines, and those wrinkles around the eye area like crows feet, to create a relaxed, natural, balanced more youthful appearance. 

The aim is to smooth the existing lines and wrinkles but also stop new ones forming. Anti-wrinkle injections help reverse those signs of ageing. We strive for natural results at EK Clinic®, but we work with you to get the results you are looking for. We don’t have to go for frozen, we can treat so that you retain expression and movement if you wish. We use only premium wrinkle relaxer brands to ensure you safety and the most effective result. 

Advanced Toxin can also be use on the lower face to soften bunny lines, treat a downturned smile or gummy smile, or perform the lip flip. We can treat a cobblestone chin with Botox, help with jawline slimming and we can do a non-surgical Nefertiti Neck Lift if you are experiencing Platysmal Bands. Botox can also be used in clinic to reduce jaw grinding, reduce underarm and forehead sweating, stop eye twitching and reduce migraines and headaches.

Procedure Time

15-30 minutes.


Throughout the procedure you may feel mild discomfort. A little bit of anaesthetic is injected with the Botox to numb the area as we go.

Risks & Recovery

There’s a low risk of short-term bruising, ptosis of eyelid or eyebrow.
No downtime required.


Results in 2 – 14 days. Lasts approx. 3 months. Results are dependant on your history with Botox (anti-wrinkle injections).

Price List

Wrinkle Relaxer


1 Area £160

2 Areas £240

3 Areas £300


Gummy Smile £95

Lip Flip £95

Excessive Sweating

Hyperhydrosis £400

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*Advanced Toxin - Costed at consultation

I had a recent consultation with Tara as I was looking to address my skin concerns such as sensitivity and dryness. Tara was amazing and gave me a personalized skin analysis and explained my skin condition in-depth. She definitely has a wonderful knowledge of skin and the very best products were prescribed to me from their Alumier range. I have been using the products for only 4 days and already my skin looks better and feels like new. Thank you EK Clinic!

Sam B

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Arrange your complimentary consultation now so you can start to understand your potential treatment journey in the non-surgical aesthetics arena. Here at EK Clinic®, we offer face to face and virtual consultations to suit you. 

Whatever your concerns, our Aesthetic Medical Team will be able to give you advice on all things skin related especially ageing positively.


How do wrinkle relaxers work?

Botulinum Toxin is injected to temporarily block the nerve signal to stop the muscle contraction.

How many treatments are required?

You’ll see results with just one treatment. The results of one treatment last around 3 months. You decide when you’d like your next treatment. Your treatment plan is unique to you. Everyone is different so we will discuss this at your consultation.

What are the results?

This is a question best answered at your consultation. Our experts have a long history in delivering this treatment. They will be able to use their years of experience to talk you through the results you can expect.

How long before I see results?

We say 2-14 days. Results do vary for each individual and also based on how much Botulinum Toxin is used and where.

How can I book?

Book online here. We recommend booking a consultation to discuss your bespoke treatment plan before having your treatment. However, there is often the opportunity for you to have the treatment on the day. There is also the option with this treatment to book straight in for your Botox.

EK Recommendations

Remember - Healthy skin is a fundamental building block in the success of non-surgical treatment. We provide a range of medical grade cosmeceutical skincare to optimise your aesthetics treatment results. We only recommend products we use and believe in. 


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