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We are very excited to be able to offer HArmonyCa® at EK Clinic®. This new and revolutionary treatment is only available in selected Clinics across the UK.

This is a hybrid injectable filler that provides immediate skin volumising but also stimulates collagen regrowth. This collagen regrowth continues for around 18 months, tightening and lifting your cheeks and jawline.

HArmonyCa® combines Hyaluronic Acid with Calcium Hydroxyapatite and is specifically used for the lower face only. It is an immediate and long-lasting dual effect treatment.

Hyaluronic Acid adds volume to the face, plumping and filling hollow areas around the cheeks and jaw. Calcium Hydroxyapatite stimulates collagen production which helps to gradually tighten and lift the skin. Over the next 18 months you see an improvement in the appearance of your skin.

Significant improvements have been demonstrated with HArmonyCa® in clinical studies.

HArmonyCa® is a treatment for patients with a considerable amount of wrinkles on the side of the face and in front of the ears, especially when smiling. If you have any concerns in this area please come and see us and we can see whether you are suitable for HArmonyCa®. 

Over 90% of patients* reported an improvement in the overall appearance of facial areas after treatment with HArmonyCa®.

If you are concerned about lines and sagging at the sides of your face and would like to discuss the benefits of HArmonyCa® including the tightening and lifting of your cheeks, then please get in touch.

*results from clinical studies 

Procedure Time

30 minutes


Lidocaine is administered with the treatment to numb the area and make the procedure more comfortable

Risks & Recovery

Low risk of redness, swelling, bruising, pain and tenderness


Immediate skin volumising results. Long-lasting tightening and lifting of cheeks and jawline for up to 18 months

Price List


From £900

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I had my moles removed a few months ago. After many visits to the gp and very pricey quotes from others…I finally had them removed and no sign of them. Such a quick and effective process. Recently had a skin analysis after not knowing what to do with my skin. Now I have the right knowledge and products to help with my rosacea.
Cannot recommend enough.

Tracey Lucas

Went to see Tara for treatment and relief for TMJD. Her knowledge of the condition and reassurance were outstanding. I feel very much more safe hands, and cared for.

Eloise Rumsey

Let's Talk

Arrange your complimentary consultation now so you can start to understand your potential treatment journey in the non-surgical aesthetics arena. Here at EK Clinic®, we offer face to face and virtual consultations to suit you. 

Whatever your concerns, our Aesthetic Medical Team will be able to give you advice on all things skin related especially ageing positively.


How does HArmonyCa® work?

The HArmonyCa® treatment is performed using a cannula. HArmonyCa® goes into the under-layer of the skin in the side of the face.

The Hyaluronic Acid (The HA in HArmonyCa®) provides an immediate lifting effect like a filler. The Calcium Hydroxyapatite (the Ca at the end of HArmonyCa®) triggers continuous collagen stimulation through activating fibroblasts. As a result, new collagen fibres may be present as early as one week following treatment. 

Where is HArmonyCa® used?

HArmonyCa® is specifically used for the lower face only. It is used to help volumise, lift and tighten your cheeks and jawline.

How is HArmonyCa® different to Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are injected on the bone / the plumper areas to volumise and really emphasise features. HArmonyCa® treats the surface of the skin and stimulates production of collagen for those long-lasting lifting effects. 

How many treatments are required?

The benefits of HArmonyCa®should last around 18 months. So would expect 18-24 months between treatments.

What are the results?

Immediate volume in the cheeks. With a long-lasting collagen regrowth stimulation that tightens and lifts your cheeks and jawline for around 18 months. You should see gradual and continual improvement in the appearance of your skin during this time.

How can I book?

Book a consultation online here. We can discuss your areas of concern andwhether you are suitable for HArmonyCa®.

EK Recommendations

Remember - Healthy skin is a fundamental building block in the success of non-surgical treatment. We provide a range of medical grade cosmeceutical skincare to optimise your aesthetics treatment results. We only recommend products we use and believe in. 


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