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Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Clinical studies show that laser light safely destroys fungal infections in 85–90% of cases without damaging the nail or surrounding tissue. Here at EK Clinic we have an FDA approved laser (Nd: YAG) that can be used to treat fungal nail infections.  The laser beam passes over the surface of the diseased nail multiple times during one treatment session and also extends to the surrounding cuticle. 

Due to the infective nature of this condition, we must treat all “digit's” on the infected limb.

We recommended a minimum of 4 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart at first and then 4 weeks apart once we start to see an improvement.

After a series of treatments, the nail will be able to restore and regrow, with many patients’ nails returning to the ‘normal’ state in just six months, resulting in clean, strong and healthy nails.

Many studies have shown success rates of above 80% however pre and post treatment care is of vital importance.

Procedure Time

30 minutes


Minimal – no anaesthetic required

Risks & Recovery

Risk of redness and tenderness.
Recovery time 24 hours.


It can take 6-9 months to see the full results of the treatment due to the time taken for the nail to grow out.

Price List

Fungal Nail Treatment

£80 1 limb (hand or foot)

£100 2 limbs (both hands or both feet)


Packages (which offer a 10% discount)

£288 for 4 treatments on 1 limb

£360 for 4 treatments on 2 limbs

(Payment to be made in full at first appointment)

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What do I need to do to prepare for the appointment?

Please remove nail varnish and ensure that the nail bed is filed at home prior to your treatment to improve laser penetration.

How does the treatment feel?

You will feel a warm sensation under the nail plate during the treatment, however we will use a cooling device to make this as comfortable as possible.

How many treatments will be required?

We recommended a minimum of 4 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart at first and then 4 weeks apart once we start to see an improvement.

How soon will I see results?

Due to the slow growth rate of toenails it may take 6-9 months for the full results to become apparent, however healthy new growth should be visible in the first 3 months.

Is there any aftercare I need to follow?

Bring a fresh pair of socks with you to change into after the treatment, it is important to wear clean socks now the fungus has been removed. You will also need to apply an anti-fungal cream or spray twice daily to the treated area for 2-3 months post treatment, to help prevent the infection returning.  It is also important to use an anti-fungal powder or spray in shoes twice a week for four weeks.

Wash all socks on a high heat to remove fungi, you should also wash towels and bedsheets too. You may also wish to invest in new nail scissors and nail polishes as fungi can be present in these too.

It is important to stick strictly to after care advice to avoid re-infection.

Do you treat children?

We treat 16 and 17 year olds with GP approval and parental consent.

For under 16's we can refer to our insurance company on a case by case basis so please get in touch to discuss this further.

How can I book?

Book consultation online here.

EK Recommendations

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